Brunch (n.): a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch (also known as the best meal!). Brunch is my favorite meal of the entire week because no matter what, you leave full and with a smile on your face. As an event planner, I love to throw a casual brunch with my friends every few months because it is one of the easiest gatherings to throw and I have 5 necessities for a fun and successful brunch with your girlfriends.

  1. Your Besties: No brunch is complete without a group of your best girlfriends. Whether it is just two or three of your tight knit gals or your crew of a dozen, brunch plus any number of friends makes for an all around good time.

  2. Bubbly: Need I say more? Mimosas are key for a successful brunch and when they are bottomless, it just cannot get any better. A mimosa bar is always fun because your friends can customize their drink as they please. I’m not a big drinker but put a glass of champagne with a splash of orange juice with some fresh fruit in front of me and I will be one happy gal- Cheers!

  3. Baked Goods: Both sweet and savory are a must- have so you can appeal to every type of brunch palette. It’s good to have options for the breakfast lover or the friend that just prefers lunch. My favorite way to please every friend at brunch is with a waffle bar! First of all, who doesn’t like waffles (?!) and second, you can top them with anything from fruit, nutella or chocolate chips to fried chicken or bacon. YUMMY! Some other good examples include sweet or savory tarts and scones, quiches, casseroles and pastries.

  4. Brunch Outfit: Let’s be honest, your best dressed day of the week is when you're headed to brunch with the girls. You found a cute little dress that you bought specifically for a weekend brunch and now that the day has come, you are dressed to impress and ready for the first selfie or Instagram story that comes your way! My favorite brunch outfit includes a light and flowy dress (nothing too tight, in case you decide to eat that last pastry) and a comfy wedge or sandal (nothing high, in case you have one too many mimosas).

  5. Flowers: Ok, so this isn’t a necessity, but a little flower arrangement can go a long way. They are pretty and festive and can be so easy! My favorite way to spice up my table setting is with some fresh blooms from Trader Joe’s in a few mason jars down the center of the table. Voila!- now your brunch is so fancy.


Brunch on and have a mimosa for me!


Ready to Launch?

New year, new business? We have you covered! Throwing a launch party for your new endeavor can be a bit overwhelming but we have recruited help. Event planner, Jordan Von Lange, has thrown many launch parties for new businesses and has some tips and tricks for perfecting your launch! Hear what she has to say below:



The most important factor in deciding to throw a launch party is to be certain that you're ready to launch! When planning a launch party, you want to ensure that all of your branding is cohesive, your social media and website are updated, and your business cards are ready to be distributed. The other important factor is creating an invite list that matters to your company. The purpose of a launch party is to bring attention to a new brand or project, so you want to be sure that you are marketing to the right crowd. 


After compiling your materials and ideal list, do some research into a date and venue that would fit your attendees' schedule. I'd recommend planning your launch party anywhere between 2-3 months before the big day. Planning for your event and setting a date will depend on availability of your guests and venue. This is also a good time to think of other vendors you want involved (caterer, DJ, florist). Start contacting venues at this time. 


Jordan Von Lange - photography by Erin Kirkpatrick Fabio

Jordan Von Lange - photography by Erin Kirkpatrick Fabio

Making the event exclusive - You don't want just anyone showing up at your event especially if you have taken the time to curate a guest list and find a venue that fits those needs. Having one entrance and someone at the door checking names can ensure your event is private. 

Providing a takeaway - You want to make sure that your guests are reminded of your brand far after the event is over. Providing a swag bag, small treat, or product with your logo is a fun way to do that. 

Inviting Press - Influencers, bloggers, and media are a must at any great launch party. Make sure to invite guests that will bring awareness to your brand.  And hey, you may even get an article or blog post written about you! (Tip: Try to find a few influencers who will accept an offer in exchange for a promotion. Maybe a free service in exchange for a few Instagram stories and a post.)

Keeping your event on brand - Who is your audience? How can you be unique and different? Don't do something at your launch party just because it is popular and everyone else is doing it. Find a way to make your brand stand out from the rest and be genuine.